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Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty

We Know

You love to drive. That's why you're looking to Mercedes-Benz for your next vehicle. And that's why we're giving you some extra room to run with our new Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranties.

A Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz is so much more than a "used" car. It is a pre-owned vehicle built by a company famous for its engineering triumphs, its racing heritage, and its commitment to luxury, quality, reliability and safety.


The Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Program represents all the virtues you expect from Mercedes-Benz, including exceptional service from your Certified Pre-Owned authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer. Your vehicle and you will benefit from:

-The best possible service using specially-designed Mercedes-Benz diagnostic processes and tools

-Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts for any needed replacement or augmentation

-Improved market value with a vehicle that has been serviced according to factory specifications

Extended Limited Warranty

Every Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) vehicle is covered by the MBCPO Limited Warranty -- which runs for 1 year and up to 100,000 total vehicle accumulated miles* -- as well as any remainder of your vehicle's original 4 year/50,000-mile Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Warranty.

After that, the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Extended Limited Warranty program offers affordable additional coverage for 1 year/120,000 or 2 years/135,000 total vehicle accumulated miles, helping you to get the most out of your MBCPO.

Warranty FAQs

When does the extended coverage take effect?

Your Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Extended Limited Warranty coverage begins the moment the vehicle's new car warranty and subsequent Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty coverage ends, with no time overlap among the three warranties.

Who will honor my Extended Limited Warranty?

Rest assured: The Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Extended Limited Warranty is honored at any of the more than 300 authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealers nationwide. And warranty work will be done using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.

Will I be asked to pay any sort of deductible?

Absolutely not. Unlike many other pre-owned warranty programs, the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Extended Limited Warranty contract will never ask you to pay any additional fees for warranty-covered service, parts, or labor.

Can I transfer the Extended Limited Warranty coverage?

If you sell your Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz to a private party, its new owner can continue the Extended Limited Warranty coverage.

What if I have other warranty questions?

Your Mercedes-Benz Representative is trained to answer any Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz questions, including those about the Extended Limited Warranty program. And as a Mercedes-Benz customer, you're never further than a free phone call away from our Customer Assistance Center (1-800-FOR-MERCEDES), with representatives standing by to respond to all types of Mercedes-related warranty questions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Come in today or contact us to test drive your own Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz, and to find out more about our new Certified Pre-Owned Warranties. Only at your nearby Portland Mercedes-Benz dealership, Mercedes-Benz of Portland in Portland, Oregon.

*Please see your Mercedes-Benz Dealer for a copy of the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty and the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Extended Limited Warranty