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Searching for a quick and easy way to make a Mercedes-Benz auto repair appointment in or around Portland, Oregon? Our Mercedes-Benz appointment scheduler is trusted by PDX area drivers for its ease-of-use and its convenience. With it, there’s no longer a need to spend an inordinate amount of time stuck on hold on the phone, waiting to book auto service in Portland. Instead, all you need to do is input some easy information and your appointment is made. It’s really that easy! Read on to learn more or contact us if you have additional questions in the meantime. Remember,  at our service center, we offer pickup and delivery or auto service within fifteen minutes of our dealership!

Book a Mercedes-Benz Service Appointment the Easy Way

It’s important to follow your Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedule to ensure that your vehicle runs at its best for years to come. But not every service shop in Portland knows the Mercedes-Benz service and maintenance schedule. Luckily, here at our Mercedes-Benz auto repair center in Portland, Oregon, we have a team of Mercedes-Benz-trained and well-qualified service technicians standing by to help you with your unique needs who is more than knowledgeable about your Mercedes-Benz and its mechanical needs.

In fact, some of the many car maintenance services we offer our customers from Vancouver to Hillsboro include:

  • Oil changes
  • Mercedes-Benz key fob programming
  • Tire rotations
  • Battery diagnostics
  • And more!

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Looking to save more on your next auto service in Portland? Don’t cut corners by patronizing a subpar service center. Instead, demand “the best or nothing” at our Mercedes-Benz certified service & repair center, but be sure to also browse our service & parts specials for extra savings:

Electric Vehicle Service Intervals

Wilsonville Mercedes-Benz EV drivers wondering about the Mercedes-Benz EV maintenance schedule are in great hands with the service experts at Mercedes-Benz of Portland. An electric car service schedule is slightly different than a gas-powered vehicle, so to make things easier, we have your service schedule for electric cars below! If you have any questions or need to book a service appointment, call us today!

How Often Should I Service an Electric Vehicle?

So, what does your electric car service schedule look like? With luxury Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, Beaverton drivers should follow our service tips to keep their vehicle performing in top shape, in addition to the electric vehicle service intervals guide below. If you have questions about your electric vehicle, our service experts are here to assist you.

  • Brakes: Electric vehicles use regenerative braking, which uses the resistance of the electric motor working to slow your car down. Since they use friction brakes, brake fluid, rotors, brake pads, and other components, they age and wear over time. It’s best to schedule your brake service every 7,500 miles or sooner if you do a lot of long-distance driving. 
  • Powertrain: Your EV has a direct-drive or multi-speed transmission that requires a fluid change. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended EV maintenance schedule for your car’s powertrain. 
  • Coolant: Coolant is a vital component in your EV since it removes heat from essential parts, like the charger, inverter, and battery pack. Coolant flushes work to keep the cooling system running smoothly.
  • Tires: Service experts recommend that Vancouver drivers schedule a tire rotation every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. 

Mercedes-Benz EV Maintenance Schedule: Battery Care

While routine electric vehicle service intervals won’t break your budget, replacing electric motors and battery packs can get costly. With that said, these parts are designed to last for roughly 10 to 20 years. Your vehicle’s manufacturer also offers excellent warranties to cover the costs of repairs. Below are things to know when it comes to caring for and replacing your battery:

  • Extreme temperatures negatively affect the battery. While manufacturers consider temperatures when designing battery packs, drivers must keep them at the proper temperature levels. 
  • Avoid fully charging the battery pack and draining the battery completely. We want you to know that manufacturers have limiters in place to prevent either from happening.
  • If possible, avoid constantly using fast chargers since they can degrade the battery more than Level 2 charging.

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Ready to get your Mercedes-Benz up-to-snuff with all the service and repairs it needs to get it into its best shape? Book your next Mercedes-Benz service appointment online now and you’ll be well on your way to happier, healthier Wilsonville commutes and Beaverton adventures.