Lease Benefits

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing is a low-cost way of driving a Mercedes-Benz. You only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use. And leasing may offer tax advantages if the vehicle is for business purposes (please consult your tax advisor). A lower payment means more disposable income for other investments.

Leasing means there is no hassle with trading-in or selling your vehicle. We take the risk of the resale value at the end of the lease and provide you with a set purchase option. Learn more about leasing vs. buying at the Mercedes-Benz of Portland finance center.

Lease End at Mercedes-Benz of Portland

As a lease account holder of a new Mercedes-Benz GLE, E-Class, C-Class, or other model, you have up to three options available to you at the end of your lease. Mercedes-Benz of Portland Lease professionals will discuss all of your lease end options that best fit your needs.

You have options…

    • Extend Your Lease – If you’d like to lease your vehicle for a bit longer, call the Mercedes-Benz of Portland at 503-928-8470*
    • Purchase Your Vehicle – Purchase or re-finance purchase your current Mercedes-Benz lease vehicle**
    • Return Your Vehicle – Mercedes-Benz of Portland will assist with your vehicle inspection and return.

For additional information regarding your lease end options and scheduling an inspection, please submit your request, or contact us at 503-928-8470 to speak with a Loyalty Specialist today.

* Subject to credit approval on your current Mercedes-Benz Financial lease only. ** Subject to credit approval.

Mercedes-Benz Rising Stars Program

Drivers may now realize this dream with the help of the Mercedes-Benz Rising Stars Program. Designed to give car shoppers with minimal or zero credit the opportunity to experience the Mercedes-Benz dream.

Explore this Mercedes-Benz Rising Stars Program overview for more information on this exceptional program. Mercedes-Benz of Portland will help guide you along the way!

Are you…

  • A College Graduate – have worked hard to get where they are and often find themselves without the credit required to lease or finance their dream car!
  • A Current Student – Who struggle to receive financial approval will find that it is easy to qualify with this innovative program!
  • First Time Buyer – With limited credit who do not require a high amount of finance will find themselves behind the wheel of their dream car in moments!

All vehicles that can be leased or financed through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services are available to qualified individuals through the Rising Stars Program. Start your approval process with a credit application or simply inquire below.

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