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Mercedes-Benz of Portland Courtesy Rental Pick-up & Delivery policies

Customer Shuttle Information

Courtesy shuttle transportation is available to your desired destination within a 10 miles radius of the dealership. Return transportation is also available when your vehicle is completed. Please call to schedule shuttle service.

Complimentary Courtesy Rental/Rental Policy

At Mercedes-Benz of Portland, we offer complimentary courtesy rental vehicles for factory warranty repairs. We offer rental vehicles for factory-scheduled Mercedes maintenance and repairs. We kindly request your cooperation in following some basic policies while driving the courtesy vehicle:

Due to high demand, courtesy rental vehicles are available on an appointment basis and are subject to availability. Please call in advance to check the soonest availability for a courtesy rental vehicle.

  1. Complimentary rental vehicles are provided to vehicles model year 2016 and newer, with qualifying factory warranty repairs.
  2. Services requiring less than 3 hours do not qualify for a complimentary courtesy rental vehicle.
  3. We cannot guarantee any specific model of courtesy rental available on any given day.
  4. We do not provide courtesy rental vehicles for body shop repairs.
  5. You must be at least 21 years of age, the owner and named insured of the vehicle in for service (your insurance policy and provider will be the primary in the event of a motor vehicle accident).
  6. The driver of the courtesy rental vehicle will need to present a valid driver’s license, proof of current full coverage insurance and a major credit card. Major credit cards include AMEX, Visa, Master Card and Discover.
  7. Only the person(s) listed on the rental agreement are eligible to operate the courtesy rental vehicle.
  8. All highway-bridge-tunnel tolls, as well as traffic and parking tickets are the responsibility of the driver.
  9. You are authorizing the use of the listed credit card for the payment of any traffic, parking, or tolls violations while the courtesy rental car is in your possession.
  10. Please ensure that the courtesy rental vehicle is inspected with our service staff prior to leaving our premises and when returning the courtesy rental vehicle. All damage not noted on the original condition report are the responsibility of the driver.
  11. We are not responsible for personal property left in the vehicle. Please make sure to remove all personal items out of the vehicle when returning.
  12. Smoking and pets are not permitted in our courtesy rental vehicles. A $250.00 detailing fee will apply.
  13. Use of courtesy rental vehicles outside of the authorized area of 75 miles from the dealership is not permitted.
  14. In effort to maintain an ample inventory of courtesy rental vehicles for all clients, the complimentary courtesy rental (for qualifying warranty repairs)  vehicle must be returned within 14 hours of completed work or be subjected to a $75.00 per day rental charge, all other rentals are subject to the daily rate.
  15. The courtesy rental vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel as when received. MB of Portland reserves the right to charge $5.00 per gallon to bring the vehicle back to the same fuel level. Fuel is measured electronically down to the tenth of the gallon. Note: If filling up a loaner before returning to the dealer, you may see a charge for the fuel used from the gas station to the dealership. This is due to the high level of accuracy of our readers. Not seeing the fuel gauge move is not an indicator that the vehicle is not using fuel.
  16. Courtesy rental vehicles are subject to a 75 mile per day limit or be subject to a $0.50 per mile fee.
  17. Courtesy rental vehicles are strictly prohibited to leave the state. This does not include clients that live in the Washington area (i.e., Vancouver, Battleground). Please call if further details are needed.

Thank you for your continued patronage and for abiding by the policies that make it possible to provide this service to you. Please understand that our courtesy rental car program is a dealer program offered by, and at the expense of, Mercedes-Benz of Portland. Courtesy rental vehicles are a privilege, not a right. The exclusions are only so that we can best serve our clients. Mercedes-Benz of Portland reserves the right to discontinue courtesy rental car privileges to those violating the policies above, and terms of our courtesy rental car Policy are subject to change without notice.

Pick-up and Delivery

At Mercedes-Benz of Portland, we are happy to offer a pick-up and delivery option to our clients. We will pick up your Mercedes-Benz vehicle and bring it back to you after one of our factory-trained technicians has finished maintenance or repairs to your vehicle.

Pick-up and delivery policy:

  • Subject to a 15-mile radius limit.
  • Loaner car policy applies. See loaner vehicle policy for details.
  • Same day delivery not guaranteed and is subject to driver availability and finish time of repairs. Your advisor will work directly with you to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.
  • Pick-up and delivery service only applies to Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Storage Fees

Due to limited space, we are unable to store your vehicle after repairs have been completed. We require client vehicles to be picked up within 24 hours of completion or be subjected to a $50.00 a day storage fee.

Having vehicles picked up in a timely manner allows us to better serve our clients. If you do have a scenario that does not allow you to pick-up in this window, please do not hesitate to reach out to your service advisor. We will be happy to make accommodations for you.


We understand that having a breakdown can be scary and time consuming. Our service team will do our very best to accommodate your vehicle.

All Mercedes-Benz vehicles outside of manufacturer warranty must have prior approval from the dealership before the vehicle is towed in. We ask that you call the service department prior to towing the vehicle in. One of our agents will let you know the current service schedule and availability. Your vehicle may be turned away if prior approval is not accepted.

Note: For vehicles outside of factory warranty, we may require a deposit before the vehicle is brought in. This is due to the high number of abandoned vehicles and capacity limitations.

We DO NOT accept tow-ins from non-Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


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