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Tailored luxury, ripped muscle.

With a drag coefficient as low as 0.29, the E-Class Cabriolets slip through the wind virtually unnoticed. Yet their chiseled, muscular design commands attention, from their sweeping headlamps all the way to their sleek tail. A color-keyed twin-domed cover conceals the lowered soft top with seamless style.

Three layers, for four seasons.

Exquisitely crafted from three layers nearly a full inch thick, the rich fabric power soft top is designed to provide coupe-like silence in the cabin. Large windows, precise tailoring and a choice of four colors deliver sleek style with the top up. In just 20 seconds it vanishes into the trunk, leaving a generous 8.8 cu ft of cargo space.

Seven sporty speeds, fingertip close.

The advanced 7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic transmission is not just responsive, it’s adaptive, timing its shift points to your driving style. An electronic selector and sporty shift paddles let you take charge of gearshifts without taking a hand from the steering wheel. And the available Sport Package adds a dedicated Manual mode.

Forever in the moment, with an eye on tomorrow.

Two advanced biturbo Direct Injection engines can fine-tune their fuel and spark within a millisecond. The E 400 features a 329-hp 3.0L V6. A 402-hp 4.7L V8 powers the E 550. Quick and lean, they create a torrent of torque with only a trickle of emissions. ECO Start/Stop saves even more fuel with automatic engine shutoff at stoplights.

Catches the breeze, cheats the wind.

The exclusive AIRCAP® system virtually eliminates drafts during top-down driving, with a wind deflector above the windshield and a mesh power screen between the rear head restraints. The available AIRSCARF® neck-level heating system provides warmed air through adjustable vents beneath each front head restraint, like a virtual scarf.

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